Office Staff

Office Staff

Nathan Miller – Owner / Operator

Nathan relishes pushing Authentic Electric to greater heights. “As I’ve moved from the field into operating a full-fledged company, I’ve gained a sense of pride that motivates me daily.” He enjoys meeting with clients, understanding their needs, and defining scope of work.

A family man, Nathan enjoys spending time with his wife Penelope and their daughter Bell. Nathan is a musician and enjoys amateur futsal when the mood strikes him.

Geoff Wittreich – Operations Manager

Geoff has spent eighteen years working as a system analyst and in operations. He enjoys crunching numbers and optimizing systems and processes. He can be found in the office improving internal systems and updating our website.

Geoff’s favorite color is green noting, “Green things are good for you.” He dates himself by being a sucker for 80’s music.

Suzy LaRuffa – Office Manager

Suzy… what’s there to say? She does it all. And usually smiles. When she’s not at the office, Suzy is creating art and working in the garden.

Daniel Oakes – Commercial Estimator

Larry Phelan – Controller